AsherahTheGoddess.com is for all the Goddesses who want to learn about the occult art + sciences and how to better themselves and their everyday lives through their femininity. These women embrace the divinity within and know they have the power to transform their lives using the mind and the tools and resources given by the Universe.

Goddesses are not perfect. They make mistakes, feel pain, and can be destructive at times. However, they use both the light and darkness within themselves to experience personal growth and transformation.

The main goal of a Goddess is to transcend the physical world and experience the bliss of living a fully conscious existence. She is in total control of herself and is able to create at her own will. She is confident, beautiful, and spreads love wherever she goes.

AsherahTheGoddess.com was created for all the Bad G’s (Goddesses) to come together to learn from and support one another without fear. I pray each and every one of you takes something away from here that will help you along your journey to the Divine Being you are.

Many Blessings,

Leah LaNae

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