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Tarot: Your Life’s Journey Through the Major Arcana

After studying tarot for almost eight years, I realize that there is so much more I have to learn. The… read more Tarot: Your Life’s Journey Through the Major Arcana

Afro Goddess Tarot Deck
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17 Tarot and Oracle Decks Every Black Woman Needs in Their Collection!

17 of the best tarot and oracle decks black women should have.

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Oracle Cards vs. Tarot Cards (Is There A Difference?)

Learn how oracle and tarot cards differ and how you can use both for more deeper and meaningful readings.

The Wheel of Fortune, The Magician, and the God of Wands Tarot Cards
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7 Bullsh*t Tarot Myths You Need To Let Go Of

Debunking these 7 tarot myths will leave you with greater confidence to start your tarot journey and reach new heights for seasoned readers!

Tarot Cards
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Tarot 101: The Basics for Beginners

Learn the basics of tarot to start you out on your tarot journey