10 Beginner Witch Kits You Need!

Are you in need of a witch kit to get you jump started on the path to being a Boss Witch?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

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What Is A Witch Kit?

A witch kit offers bundled products used for magical practices.

In witchcraft, hoodoo, Santeria, and many other spiritual practices, practitioners use particular materials to aid them in their rituals, spells, and day-to-day life.

For example, herbs can be used for healing or put in a mojo bag for good luck. And bath salts can aid you in getting your dream job.

Many kits include candles, herbs, oils, and crystals. Some even offer tarot cards and books.

As a beginner witch, conjurer, diviner, or whatever name you resonate with, these 10 beginner witch kits are perfect for any woman starting out in her magical journey!

For more information on witches, read What is A Witch article.

1. Mystery Witchy/Metaphysical/Spooky Box by BewitchedCoven

BelovedCoven Witch Kit
BewitchedCoven via Etsy

BewitchedCoven offers the perfect kit for you witchy virgins!

You will get 6-10 random items in a 6x4x3 box. You can choose what zodiac sign you receive on the box and items include crystals, incense, stickers, candy, tarot, tapestries, and herbs, plus much more!

Due to a large number of orders, it takes about 1-2 business weeks to ship.

However, this is a great kit that is regularly priced at $21.98, but is on sale for $17.58.

2. Witch Mystery Box by WisconsinWitchings

WisconsinWitchings via Etsy

This bestselling kit on Etsy from WisconsinWitchings offers a plethora of options to choose from.

First off, you can choose between a XL box or Bubble Mailer (latter sold out at the moment).

For the XL boxes, there are 4 options you can choose from.

  • You can choose a Sea Witch Kit (for those interested in water and Aphrodite).
  • You have the choice of a Woodland Apothecary box (for those interested in nature, herbs, spirit animals, and the goddess Fae).
  • The Cottage Coven box are for those interested in antiques, vintage items, teapots, and items related to goblins or Fae.
  • Lastly, you can choose no preference and have the box intuitively chosen for you.

Items can include bones, seashells, herbs, cauldrons, crystals, and chalices. Prices range from $30$60.

3. DIY Witch Kit by TheHerbalPriestess

TheHerbalPriestess via Etsy

If you are a young teen or preteen, or know a young person who is interested in beginning their magical studies, this kit by TheHerbalPriestess is all that you need!

Coming in either blue or pink, this witch starter kit encourages its users to create their own potions and jars.

It contains four herbs (all non-toxic), a selenite stick, rose petals, 15 pieces of twine, and more.

With a price tag of $26.99, this kit is affordable and functional for the “baby” witch.

4. Hoodoo Deluxe Rootwork Kit by TerraTraders

witch kit
TerraTraders via Etsy

The Hoodoo Deluxe Rootwork kit is excellent for beginners, mainly consisting of herbs. TerraTraders created this herbalicious kit for those needing to cast a spell or just to add to your collection.

Oils and candles are also included, and it’s free shipping!

For only $43.99, this is a deal you don’t want to miss!

5. Witch Starter Kit – MYSTERY Witch Box

FullMoonlightShadow via Etsy

Are you looking to be surprised? If so, this Mystery Witch Box by FullMoonlightShadow will do just that!

With a 5-star-rating, this beginners witch kit is offered in 4 sizes: S, M, L, or XL. You can also choose to have all items.

There are more than 25 materials contained in these kits. Included are oils, quills, salts, bells, incense, candles, runes, sage, and much more!

The price on these amazing witchy boxes ranges from $43 with the smallest to $194 with the extra large. If you want everything, you’re looking at $443. That may seem like a lot, but when you’re offered quality products, it’s worth the price.

6. Witches Starter Kit by JehekaSpellcasting

JehekaSpellCasting via Etsy

JehekaSpellCasting has created a standard size witch kit for those looking to make spells and charms.

Each kit will contain candles, incense, magic & protection oil, herbs, jars, crystals, salt, and even a PDF with spells and more!

This kit is priced around $46.

7. Huge Witchcraft Kit by SophieSpincher

Witch Kit
SophieSpincher via Etsy

SophieSpincher gives you an abundance of material with her Huge Witchcraft Kit!

Herbs such as Lavender, Rosemary, and Chamomile are included, as well as oil, candles, and even a magic wand!

Besides a huge kit, there is also the option of a travel kit and a starter kit. There is even a option to include a journal.

The Huge Kit is worth between $277$293, while the travel kit ranges from $69$79. The starter kit is from $149$165.

8. Large Witch Kit by FolkloreRoots

witch kit
FolkLoreRoots via Etsy

This kit created by FolkLoreRoots comes in a beautiful box filled with some of the best witchcraft/conjure products!

Coming in a rustic hand stained green box, you will be offered an abundance of products, including, a “yes” or “no” flip coin, a palo santo stick, selenite, and pendulum.

This magical witch kit is priced at exactly $111.11: the angel number representing new beginnings. A perfect omen for the newbie conjurer!

9. Witchy As Fuck Witchcraft Kit For Beginners by MoonStreetKits

witch kit
MoonStreetKits via Etsy

I absolutely love this witch kit by MoonStreetKits! I mean, the names along are so catchy!

“Herbs and shit.” “The fucking runes.” “Crystals and shit.” How dope is that! I definitely fucks with it, and I encourage you too as well.

The Witchy as Fuck Witchcraft kit is a 5-star-seller with quality products. It has a price of $122.

10. Magick Starter Kit by SimplyWitchByStar

witch kit
SimplyWitchyByStars via Etsy

A magical kit for beginners is just what star seller SimplyWitchyByStars created.

The massive witch kit contains over 50 products. An alter cloth, chimes, oils, and a smudge stick are just a few of the items this box contains.

This shop offers free and fast shipping, and has rave reviews.

Selling for $250, this is an ideal kit for those who plan on taking their magical studies seriously and intensively.

Which one do you like best? Let me know in the comments!

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