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Mercury Through The Signs

If you’re wanting to understand your Mercury sign meaning in astrology, you’ve come to the right place!

Mercury in Astrology

Mercury is the planet of communication and learning, and also rules how we think, short travels, and more.

Personally, I believe Mercury is one of the most important planets in astrology. Humans are naturally sociable people, so it only makes sense that the planet of communication should be studied and learned so that we know how we can communicate most effectively.

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Understanding Your Mercury Sign in Astrology

Mercury spends about 15-60 days in each zodiac sign, depending on if it goes retrograde or not. When in each sign, this planet of communication will influence the way its occupants communicate.

Let’s dive into understanding your Mercury sign by going through each zodiac sign individually.

If you don’t know what sign your Mercury is in, you can find out here.


If your Mercury is in the sign of Aries, you are quick-witted and fast talking. You are direct in your communication and sometimes even impulsive in what you say (having no tact).

This Mercury position makes you arrive at decisions rather quickly, and fortunately, it’s usually the right one. You are outspoken and a sharp thinker.

The downside is that you can be impatient with others who may not think as quickly on their feet as you, and you can be aggressive in your speech.

Publishing and the literary world are excellent careers for those you.


As a Mercury in Taurus person, you take your time coming to decisions and think before you speak. You may repeat yourself often, as you want others to fully grasp what you’re saying.

You probably have a pleasant voice and would make a good singer. Natives with this placement have an excellent memory and are quite intelligent.

If you have Mercury in Taurus, you do need to be aware of your tendency of being stubborn and shutting down other people’s opinion.

Because you’re good with money and can sense the value and beauty of things, you would make a great designer, art seller, or antiques dealer.


Mercury is right at home in the sign of Gemini. If you have this placement, you’re a naturally curious person who is forever on the go.

You need lots of stimulation to keep you occupied or you’ll easily get bored. Talking with your hands is common and you are good with many subjects.

You tend to live on the mental plane and have a variety of interests. This can sometimes be an issue because you may know a bit about everything, but not much about anything.

You would do well in careers that give you the opportunity to work on multiple projects at once and allows you to travel often.


People with Mercury in Cancer are sentimental and have excellent memories. If this is your Mercury sign, you are highly intuitive and have a powerful imagination.

You may be someone who likes to keep a journal and record their thoughts (this is me to the fullest), and have a love for history. You’re probably someone that others feel that they can talk to when they are down, as you are naturally attentive and sympathetic.

There is a tendency for you to be sensitive to what others think about you, and you have to learn not to take everything personally.

You would excel in the careers of a historian, therapist, writer, or teacher.


With Mercury in Leo, you are someone who communicates expressively and eloquently. Others love to hear you speak and you have a way of charming others with your words.

You’re very enthusiastic and express your opinions with confidence. Sometimes when you tell a story you may exaggerate or dramatize it for effect.

You have an explosive temper at times, and can be boastful and arrogant.

Creative fields would suit you nicely, especially the theater or as a TV personality.

Planet Mercury


You have an organized mind and like to deal with facts when talking with others. Mercury in Virgo natives like to have all the information and then analyze it.

You are good with details and know how to make information useful. You’re a quick learner and have the ability to memorize information faster than any other sign.

With this placement, you have no tolerance for sloppiness and unorganized people. Remember, not everyone is as meticulous as you.

Careers that you would do well in include health administration, a researcher, teacher, or scientist.


Mercury in Libra gives you a balanced mind and makes you a sociable person. Libra’s loves relationships, and you are someone who enjoys conversing and be around others.

You know how to make others feel understood and are graceful in your conversations. Your ability to be honest in a nice, tactful way can make you persuasive.

You don’t like to stir up controversy, but this can cause you to not speak your mind and hide what you desire to express.

Working in diplomatic fields or public relations would be perfect for you.


You are a naturally probing person who is always with questions. Mercury in Scorpio people are not afraid to dig deep and search hidden places to find answers.

To others, you may come off as mysterious and hard to read, and this is just how you like it. You want to know all about everyone and everything, but keep others at bay when it comes to you.

You can have a volatile temper and be prone to jealousy.

As a native of this sign, you would make a great investigator, spy, conspiracy theorist writer, or occultist.


If you have this position of Mercury, you are broad minded who values freedom of expression. You love to travel and meet people who you can share your adventures with.

With Mercury in Sagittarius, you have a restless mind. You love to learn, especially subjects like religion, philosophy, and politics.

At times you may blurt out how you feel or what you’re thinking without any regards to how others feel, and you may lack concentration.

Travel agents, philosophy teacher, and tour guides would be ideal careers for this placement.


With this placement, your mind is always on the next mission. Mercury in Capricorn natives are highly ambitious and methodical. You’re always calculating your next move.

When making decisions, you take a logical approach. You’re careful in all you do and always have a goal in mind.

The downfall with this position is that you can be dictatorial, which makes it hard to work with other. You can also be disapproving when others don’t hold up to your high standards.

Having this placement makes you a good manager, CEO, or any tasks that’s requires a high level of discipline and responsibility.


Mercury in Aquarius is a sign who’s occupants have an inventive and futuristic mind. If you have this placement, you are inquisitive, objective, and form your own opinions independently.

You love to watch others and analyze their character based on what you see. Topics that you enjoy include metaphysics, human nature, and technology.

You can be opininated and say things for shock value just to get others talking.

Progressive careers suit you best, including electronics, science, or being an inventor.


Mercury is in its fall in Pisces, which means this is a weak position. If you have this placement, you may have a lost sense of direction, and are prone to be oversensitive.

However, you have a psychic mind. You usually get flashes of knowledge intuitively, such as in the minds eye or a feeling. You’re imaginative and creative, and sometimes you can receive and send messages telepathically due to your heightened psychic awareness.

You need to work on your self-confidence, as this will help you with your sense of direction.

Music or dance therapy, an artist, or any other expressive creative field would be suitable for this sign.

Do you resonate with your Mercury sign? Let me know in the comments!

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