Girl Is Your Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Be a Serial Killer

Is Your Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Be A Serial Killer?

Can the month you’re born in indicate if you’ll be a murderer? If so, is your zodiac sign most likely to be a serial killer? Lets’s dive in to find out!

What is a Serial Killer?

A serial killer is someone who kills three or more people over a period of time. They methodically plan out their killings, getting joy and pleasure from it. Killings can go on for days, weeks, months, and even years.

November: The Birthing of Death

It’s been noted that many serial killers are born in November. Why you ask? One theory suggests that during Halloween, when the veil is thin, demonic spirits are able to escape and latch onto the bodies of newborns and take over their mind and soul.

A second theory suggests that November, specifically in the Western Hemisphere, is a month where days are shorter and nights are longer, causing the babies to take on dark qualities.

One last theory I’ve seen is that those born in November are usually younger and smaller than those in their class, making them more susceptible to bullying. Because of the bullying, they take out their frustration on innocent victims and take pleasure in causing them the harm and pain they experienced.

Though there are many more theories, there isn’t any factual evidence that can determine any of it to be true. So, take everything with a grain of salt.

Is Your Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Be A Serial Killer?

Though November was said to be the number one month serial killers are born, a recent study by Killer Cloud calculated a total of 488 serial killers broken down by their zodiac signs, and the top zodiac sign is neither Scorpio or Sagittarius: the two signs making up the month of November. Don’t worry though. They’re still pretty high up on the list.

Is Your Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Be a Serial Killer
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Taurus (#8)

Coming in last place with 22 serial killers, Tauruses are the least likely to become deranged murderers.

This makes sense, as their sign is ruled by Venus – the planet of love – and they’re more focused on creating stable relationships and material matters. Nonethless, there are still some psychos that come with this sign.

Martha Beck, a serial killer prominent in the 1940s, was devoted and committed to her partner in crime, Raymond Fernandez. Most killings resulted because of Martha’s rage and envy.

Tauruses are well-known for being jealous and as their symbol, the bull suggests: when they are mad, nothing (or no one) will get in their way.

Cancer (#7)

Cancers are the second least likely to be serial killers with 34 on the list.

This ranking is understandable, as Cancers are generally sweet and loving people. However, they have a shadow side that makes them manipulative, vindictive, and overly emotional.

Genene Jones was suspected of killing up to 60 infants, which is very shocking as Cancers are the mothers and nurturers of the zodiac sign.

And Anne Marie Hahn, a woman who came across as kind and warm-hearted, killed the men she cared for through Arsenic poisoning.

Many of the Cancers serial killers were said to be moody, emotional, and acting out of revenge.

Virgo (#6)

Coming in sixth place are Virgos with 38 killers.

A commonality of these serial killers are that they’re overly critical of themselves and others, as well as being single-minded.

Louise Peete was called a “black widow” because she would murder her lovers if they weren’t up to her standards.

A second woman, Suzane Carson, along with her husband, killed those whom they believed to be witches. Their reasoning is that the world should be rid of immorality.

Another theme present with this zodiac sign serial killers is that they are meticulous, carefully planning and executing their crimes.

Gemini (#5)

Geminis account for 40 serial killers.

As a sign that is infamous for having two sides, it’s a wonder that there are only 40 on the list!

Many of these serial killers turned on their family, friends, and neighbors. They have a habit of making you trust them right before they switch up on you.

Daisy de Melker, a South African nurse in the early 1900s, was convicted with killing two of her husbands and her son.

Another woman, Elizabeth Wettlaufer, worked at a nursing home where she killed eight patients. In true Gemini fashion, she wore bright colors that masked the dark nature of her personality.

Pisces (#5)

Pisces is tied with Gemini, each having 40 serial killers.

They are sensitive, caring, and have a tendency to take on the problems of the world.

Unfortunately, this can take a toll on these delicate fish and in return they’ll lash out in dangerous ways. They’re even more dangerous with alcohol and drugs, as they are prone to becoming addictive.

Take for example, Aileen Wuornos, an alcoholic who had a traumatic childhood and as an adult went on to kill seven men.

Aries (#4)

Aries came in fourth place with 42 serial killers, tying with two other signs.

As a sign that is notoriously known for being hot tempered, it’s astonishing that they’re not higher up on the list.

Aries serial killers have a habit of being arrogant and ambitious, which are traits associated with this sign.

For example, Leonarda Cianciulli, a Russian woman serial killer who used the blood of her victims to make tea cakes and soap, was said to remain full of pride when she was caught.

Also, Jane Toppan, a woman from Boston, Massachusetts, who killed 31 people by giving lethal doses of morphine, said that she wanted to “kill more people — more helpless people — than any man or woman who has ever lived.” As Aries always wants to be number one, this is no surprise.

Libra (#4)

Libra is tied with Aries and Aquarius with 42 serial killers.

As the sign that values harmonious relationships and justice, it’s surprising that they are in 4th place.

On the other hand, these two attributes could cause one to go mad, or be used in an unfavorable light.

For example, Charlene Gallego worked together with her husband to lure in young woman, where they would be raped and killed. It’s said she agreed to this because she desired to please him and keep the relationship intact.

When caught, Charlene was said to use another Libran skill – diplomacy– to try and strike a plea deal for a lighter sentence.

Aquarius (#4)

Aquarius ties with Aries and Libra with 42 serial killers.

Though they are the humanitarians of the zodiac, they can be highly emotionally detached and narcissistic.

Enrequieta Martí was a serial killer who kidnapped and murdered children. She would pretend as if they were her kids, and to others she came off as a loving mother. But in reality she had no love or affection for them. She would instead prostitute and murder her victims.

Scorpio (#3)

Scorpios, tied with Sagittarius, has only 43 serial killers.

I was sure Scorpio was going to be the number one zodiac sign with the most serial killers. Along with the article stating November is when many serial killers are born (Scorpio’s taking up the beginning of the month), Scorpio’s are vengeful, passionate, secretive, and have no remorse.

Debra Brown was a woman sentenced to death for killing young children and the elderly. She was quoted saying, “I killed the bitch and I don’t give a damn. I had fun out of it.”

Doing research, I observed that there were more women on the Scorpio serial killer list than on others.

Sagittarius (#3)

With 43 serial killers, Sagittarius is tied with Scorpio for the zodiac sign most likely to be a serial killer.

A key trait of this sign in many of the murderers is that they were rebellious and defiant.

Rosemary West displayed these traits when she continued to date an adult man when she was only fifteen after her parents forbade her to do so. Together, her and her lover killed numerous women.

Another Sagittarius quality that a number of the killers possessed was charisma.

Dana Sue Gray was said to be a charming labor and delivery nurse who killed four elderly people to support her spending habits.

Leo (#2)

With a total of 46, Leos come in second place for the zodiac sign most likely to be a serial killer.

Leos are prideful, bold, and enjoy attention, which can manifest in deadly ways.

Myra Hindley was desperate not to be boring, so she lured children to her boyfriend – a man that gave her the attention she craved – to a place where he would assault and murder them.

A large number of these serial killers were said to be creative, strong-willed, and overly confident – all traits of the Leo lion.

Capricorn (#1)

I was surprised to see that Capricorn is the #1 zodiac sign most likely to be a serial killer, with a total of 55 killers.

Capricorns are generally laid back and reserved. However, I thought about how much Capricorns value power, money, and control, and then it totally made sense.

For instance, killer Dorothea Puente ran a boarding home where she murdered nine people (six unconfirmed)– all whom were elderly and mentally disabled – and cashed out on their social security checks.

And Lydia Sherman, a woman who killed multiple husbands and children, including her own. She supposedly killed her first husband because he lost his job and fell into a depression.

Capricorns desire success and stability. Once that was gone, Lydia decided he or their children was of no value.

So, is your zodiac sign most likely to be a serial killer? Let me know in the comments?

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