What’s the Purpose of Mercury in Astrology?

As the planet of communication and learning, Mercury plays an important role in one’s natal chart. Mercury in astrology shows how we communicate with others, what we enjoy talking about, and what we like to think about.

Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo. In Gemini, Mercury is focused on communication and how to get thoughts and ideas expressed to others. In Virgo, Mercury is practical and analytical and focused on how to improve and perfect thoughts and ideas.

Considered an inner planet, Mercury has a more prominent effect on our everyday lives.

Throughout the signs Mercury shows the style in which the individual communicates, whereas the house it’s in describes the matters and topics he/she will be prone to discuss or think about.


Symbol of Mercury

The glyph associated with Mercury denotes Mercury/Hermes winged cap and caduceus.


In Greek mythology, Hermes,(Mercury in Roman) was a messenger of the gods. He had the ability to communicate with both gods and mortals and delivered messages between them. He was also known as a trickster and thief due to a story of him stealing cattle and then getting back in his cradle like nothing happened.

These are reasons why Mercury in astrology, especially in the sign of Gemini, is associated with communication, language and trickery.


Communication is considered the most important trait of the planet Mercury.

Think about it – all relationships are highly based on our communication with one another and is why we connect with certain people over others.

How do you talk to others? Do you speak loudly or are you soft-spoken. Are you a fast talker or do you take your time? Do you mumble or speak in a clear voice?

Mercury also shows in what ways you communicate with others. Maybe you prefer to text than talk on the phone. Or instead of video chatting you prefer to meet in person.

These are all important to take into consideration when you factor in the sign, house, and aspects to Mercury.


Mercury in astrology show’s how you process and receive information, which can tell you a lot about your learning style.

You may like to take your time learning one subject at a time while someone else needs to study multiple subjects or they’ll get bored.

Mercury also shows how you learn best. Do you learn better by seeing and touching? Or do you learn better through hearing?

Again, looking at the sign, house, and aspects to Mercury will give you a better understanding of how you interpret and learn information.

What Else Does Mercury Have Dominion Over?

  • Travel – Quick and speedy travel is emphasized here. Trips that you can take by car, train, or bus Mercury rules. This stems from Hermes being the swiftest god and he could get somewhere faster than anyone else.
  • Negotiations -If you have Mercury prominent in your chart and it’s well-aspected, you’ll have a talent for negotiating with others and making successful deals. This comes with being able to get others to see your point of view and making them feel that they are winning also.
  • Youth – Curiosity, which is a trait of Mercury, is associated with youthfulness. Kids question the world around them and have a zest to learn all there is they don’t understand.
  • Knowledge – What do you like to learn about and master? What do you desire to be an expert on?
Planet Mercury
Planet Mercury


  • Smallest planet in our solar system.
  • Never visible long after sunset nor long before sunrise.
  • Only takes 88 days to revolve around the sun, which is equivalent to 1 year.
  • Every four months or so goes into retrograde for 20-24 days.

Fun Facts

  • Rules the day Wednesday.
  • The metal mercury (quicksilver, is ruled by Mercury.
  • Rules the fingers, nerves, arms, and hands.
  • When in retrograde, communication can be misunderstood and travel can be disrupted.
  • Sailor Mercury in Sailor Moon was based on the planet Mercury. She was a Virgo who was in charge of organizing study groups for the Sailor Guardians and had an IQ of 300.
Sailor Mercury
Sailor Mercury

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