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Always A Witch Season 2 Review. [Will There Be A Season 3?]

Always A Witch season 2 premiered on Netflix on February 28, 2020. It was met with mixed reviews and there’s many wondering if there will be a third season.

In this second season there were only eight episodes compared to ten in the first season. The main plot of this season was Carmen wanting to go back in time to keep her mother from being burned in the Inquisition and to bring her to the future.

There were some good qualities and things that happened throughout the season that kept my attention and made for some good episodes. However, there are some other parts and plot lines that the show could’ve kept on the storyboard.

Let’s get into them!

Spoiler Alerts!!!


The main cast returns.

All of the main characters from season 1 returned and they did not disappoint (with an exception of one, but we’ll get to that later).

Angely Gaviria revived her role as Carmen where she has gained strength in her powers and has become pretty popular as a witch. In the first episode a girl asks Carmen to read her hand and she puts her on her social media page, which causes Carmen to become like a celebrity overnight. As she deals with the good and bad of fame as well as adversaries, Carmen’s main goal is to bring her mother to the future with her.

Dylan Fuentes is back as the lovable Johnny Ki. Of course, he wouldn’t be him if he didn’t find himself in trouble where his friends have to help him out. Nevertheless, he always has Carmen’s back and brings a lighthearted and humorous quality to the show. During this season he’s also exploring his musical talent which was nice to see.

Sofía Araujo returns as Alicia, where she is now training as a witch under Carmen and falls in love with her destined soulmate.

Mayte is still played by actress Valeria Emiliani, Carlos Quintero plays León, and Duban Prado revives his role as Daniel.

Estaban and Cristóbal also return played by Sebastian Eslava and Lenard Vanderaa.

New characters added.

Sub plots were a way for new characters to make their way into the second season of Always A Witch.

Amanda, played by Laura Archbold, plays a significant role throughout the season as Carmen’s enemy. I found her character annoying as hell but she added to the storyline and unkowingnly helps Carmen to grow in her confidence and power.

Amanda’s boyfriend, Miguel, is played by Sebstían Osorio. In the beginning he’s a nuisance to Carmen and her friends, but later proves to be of help.

Antares, played by Junior Gonzáles, is the only main black character added to the show. He ends up being the love interest of Carmen after Cristobal goes back to the past.

The most notable new character who became a fan favorite was Kobo, played by Oscar Casas. He’s a pirate from the past that Johnny Ki brings to the future when he returns. Kobo becomes good friends with Johnny Ki and him and Alicia have a beautiful romance and story.

Alicia & Kobo’s love story.

Alicia & Kobo (Always A Witch)
Alicia & Kobo (Always A Witch)

The best part of the second season of Always A Witch is the love story between Alicia and Kobo.

In the first episode, we learn that Kobo is a dangerous pirate from the 17th century who Johnny Ki brings to the future after Alicia accidentally takes his special amulet away (her and Carmen had initially went back in time to save Johnny Ki). His goal is to get the amulet back from her.

As they first begin to interact with one another, you can tell there is some chemistry between them but each of them have their own goals they’re trying to achieve and don’t pay too much attention to one another. As time goes on however, it’s obvious they have a special connection.

In later episodes, we learn that in each of their past lives, Kobo and Alicia are destined to be together. Unfortunately, Kobo always ends up dying.

It’s nice to see the two characters upon first meeting and how they progress with one another. Kobo brings out a more relaxed side of Alicia and she helps him to be more levelheaded.


Storyline moves too fast.

I don’t know if it was because the season was only eight episodes or what, but it feels like everything was rushed and didn’t make any sense.

Last season ended with Carmen and Cristobal together in the future and Alicia and Daniel telling each other they love each other. However, in the first episode there was nothing between Alicia and Daniel with no explanation whatsoever, and soon enough Carmen and Cristobal broke up.

I can’t be too upset about that breakup seeing as how Cristobal wanted things to be how they were in the 1600s (minus her being a slave) and Carmen isn’t going for it. Good for her.

Anyways, at one point Amanda becomes possessed by an evil witch and there is no background story on the witch. The viewers are just given a name and no further information. Like who is she and what is her motive?

I also had an issue with Carmen and Antares getting together so quickly. By the end of the season they were dating and I wasn’t even aware they liked each other. Like what! I thought they were just friends.

Lastly, Carmen’s mother coming to the future in just one episode blew me. There was no anticipation or anything. I mean, she does have to go through some things to get her but it all seemed so rushed.

Personally I feel if the season had more episodes there would have been time for the characters and storyline to develop.

Daniel was a terrible friend.

I don’t even know how any of the gang can still been friends with Daniel after this season. The writers did him dirty.

Daniel, with the help of León, sell an elixir that Carmen made unbeknownst to her to students at their college that gives them an energy high.

Both León and Daniel make lots of money, but after awhile, León wants out because he knows it’s wrong and doesn’t want to keep lying to Mayte. Daniel on the other hand doesn’t want to stop making money.

The fact that he went behind Carmens back and puts her academics as well as standing with the law in jeopardy is horrible. There are times he somewhat redeemed himself but yeah, the writers don’t want us to like him. It’s unfortunate too because I like his character overall.

Estaban, his lack of storyline, and him leaving.

Estaban, who was a major character in the first season was barely talked about or seen in this one. There were times I forgot he was on the show.

It’s weird to me that after Cristobal left him and Carmen didn’t get together, as it was known that he was in love with her. They have minor flirtatious moments but he’s barely on the show so that doesn’t last long.

On top of that, in the episode when Carmen goes to the past to get her mom, Estaban goes with her and decides to stay. Like wtf. Why? We have no real clue where this came from but I guess we’re just supposed to accept it.

Carmen asking her friends to give up their dreams for her.

After Carmen reads the formidable Book of Shadows, the only way she won’t be able to lose her powers is if her friends give up their dreams for her.

Are you kidding me? So her friends are supposed to change their lives because Carmen screwed up?

So no music career for Johnny Ki. Kobo and Alicia won’t be together. León won’t get Mayte back. Antares doesn’t have a chance with Carmen. Mayte won’t get her dream internship. Daniel will never have a chance to be with JuanJo.

What kind of friend is she even for asking them that? On top of that, her friends did give up their dreams and the majority still got what they wanted. However, there was no explanation to how this happened. Don’t worry. I’m confused too.

Will there be a season 3?

Even though I had some issues with season 2 of Always a Witch, I still enjoyed the show and want a season 3 to pick up from where it left off.

Will Alicia find Kobo? Will Carmen’s mother adjust to the future? Will Johnny Ki became a famous singer? Will Mayte and León get back together?

These are questions that many fans of the show want to know.

There unfortunately hasn’t been much said about the return of the show. The new season would have most likely dropped in February of this year as the pervious ones did, but there’s no say in if the coronavirus stopped production or if it hasn’t been renewed.

Let’s hope we can get some answers soon. I’d rather wait until February of next year to watch the new season than for it to be cancelled. There are still many avenues the show can explore.

Do you want to watch a new season of Always A Witch? If so, what are you most looking forward to seeing in the new season?

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