The Moon in Astrology

The Moon in Astrology

The moon in astrology is considered one of the 3 most important “planets” in a natal chart according to astrologers, with the Sun and the Ascendant being the other two. Technically the moon is not a planet: it’s a luminary. However, in astrology it’s referred to as a planet.

As the ruler of the zodiac sign Cancer and the 4th house, the moon represents your subconscious mind. It governs the way you naturally react to situations, your emotions, and deepest desires. It’s the part of you that you may try and hide from others.

The moon is associated with the mother and feminine energy. It can show whether you have a positive or negative relationship with your mother and how you nurture yourself or your own children.

For men the moon shows how they express their feminine energy and what kind of woman they are emotionally attracted to.

Because the moon is one of the fastest moving astronomical bodies, it can go through each zodiac sign within a month. It changes zodiac signs about every few days.

In a natal chart the moon shows you the way in which you convey how you feel and respond to your environment. Throughout the houses it expresses where you feel most “at home.”

A person who has a strong moon influence in their natal chart is compassionate, nurturing, sensitive, and prone to mood swings.

The moon also rules intuition, dreams and psychic skills.

Fun Facts About the Moon

  • Monday is the day of the week associated with the moon. You can learn about all the planets and what days of the week related to them in the article THE PLANETS INFLUENCE on the DAYS of the WEEK.
  • Its metal is silver as the moon gives off a silvery glow.
  • Glyph = ☽
  • Usually depicted as a Goddess

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