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7 Bullsh*t Tarot Myths You Need To Let Go Of

Tarot is a popular divination and spiritual practice that has been around for centuries. People use tarot to help them with their love lives, career choices, health, and so much more.

Unfortunately, they’re quite a few tarot myths that can steer potential readers away and even experienced tarot readers may believe certain myths that are holding them back. In this post we’ll discover 7 bullish*t tarot myths that you need to let go of so that you can reach new heights with the tarot or if you’re a beginner, start your tarot journey with confidence.

1. Your First Tarot Cards Must Be Gifted To You

I have no idea who the hell came up with this idea. If you had to wait until someone gave you tarot cards to start, many people would never begin in the first place, especially because so many are afraid at first about what others may think about them doing tarot.

I grew up in a Christian family and til this day not everyone knows about me doing tarot readings. I’m definitely more open about it now but even then there’s just some drama best avoided.

One theory of the origins of this myth is that once Christianity become the main religion, tarot cards and other pagan practices and rituals were considered evil and were put to a stop. Because of this, there grew a secret society of people who still taught these ways and when joining the group, you would be gifted a deck to help you learn.

Other theories include tarot cards having to being passed down to you from people in your family to it being bad luck for you to purchase your own deck.

Overall, tarot cards do NOT have to be gifted to you in order to use them. It’s probably best that you do get your own so that you’ll find a deck that you genuinely like and connect with.

2. Only People Who Are Psychic Can Do Tarot Readings

Technically everyone is psychic, whether they know it or not. We all have psychic gifts within us that we can learn to develop even more with discipline and practice. You can read How To Recognize Your Intuition where I discuss some of the psychic skills that people already possess and may not realize.

Even if you’re not the most developed psychic, you can still do tarot readings. Anyone can do tarot readings! The tarot is for anyone who’s willing to dedicate their time to practice and learn it.

I definitely have psychic moments but not all the time can I perform psychic abilities at will, yet I have had great success in using the tarot and helping others.

Of course there are those who are naturally gifted at it, and these could be those who were practitioners and masters at it in a past life. But in general the tarot is for those who want to learn it and no you don’t have to be a straight up “psychic” to do readings.

3. To Be A Good Tarot Reader You Have to Know All the Cards by Heart

This myth is not even close to the truth. Take into consideration that there are different decks with different images and then add people’s intuition into the mix = this is straight up BS.

Now don’t get me wrong, I actually use to think this was true when I first started off. I would get books and try to learn every card and its meaning, what the number meant, the images and everything else.

Never again.

Number one it’s boring as sh*t and two, you’re not going to be that successful.

Each tarot deck is different. Of course there are some basics that each of the card has that you need to know, like the High Priestess for example. We know she’s a woman who represents the Divine Goddess or a psychic: she’s a woman of high spiritual development. In one card she may be holding a scroll with a black and white pillar at her side, on another card she may have a book in her hand just sitting down. There’s even a card where she’s naked and has the genitals of a man and woman!

Different High Priestess Tarot Cards
Different High Priestess Tarot Cards

The point is yes it’s good to have an idea of the meaning of the cards but it’s even better when you add your intuition in the reading as well. For a certain reading and based on the images, your intuition may interpret something completely different than what the book definition has and that’s perfectly fine.

Remember: Intuition is King. No matter what the traditional meaning of the card is, when doing a reading your intuition will tell you what the card’s meaning is for you and or the querent.

4. Using Tarot Cards Are Evil or Devil Worshipping

Hmmmm. I wonder who came up with this myth?

Well we know they were people who clearly didn’t understand tarot and didn’t want others to as well. Those of us who do use tarot cards know that they are far from evil and have nothing to do with the devil.

Some people think that through using tarot cards we’re trying to play God and predict the future (which we’ll discuss soon) which isn’t true at all.

Also because some of the names and images of the cards, for example the Death card and Devil card, people believe they represent actual death and the devil himself.

The Death card actually symbolizes transformation and endings while the Devil card represents physical and material temptation. Of course when you don’t understand that the first thing you do is say it’s evil.

In a nutshell this isn’t true. Don’t always believe the hype.

5. Reversed Cards Have a Bad Meaning

The dreaded reverse cards.

I can attest to believing this myth. I mean, who wants to get a reversed Lovers card. You’re basically telling me that my chances for love are gone right?


Reversed cards have nothing to do with bad meanings and can really help to improve your life.

See, in life there isn’t any good or bad, but we tend to make it that way. If it’s something we want to happen we deem it good and if not, well you get the point.

Reversed cards just tell us the energy that we need to use in order make the card upright again. Using the Lovers card again, when it’s in its reverse, the card means getting your emotions together, making hasty decisions, relationships going south, separation, things of that nature.

This could let you know that you need to work on your relationship so that it doesn’t end or taking the time out to make good decisions so that you won’t regret them later.

At the end of the day reversed tarot cards can help you understand what and where in your life you need to focus on to make it better.

An excellent article to check out about reversed tarot cards is Biddy Tarot’s How to Interpret Reversed Cards.

6. Tarot Cards Tell The Future

Well if this was the case I would be married with kids right now.

Tarot cards cannot tell the future, but they do a damn good job of telling what the energy surrounding you and a situation is now and giving you a good idea of where the future is headed.

Say you ask about your career and get the 8 of Pentacles and the 9 of Cups. The energies around the cards tell that with dedication and work you can what you desire, but that doesn’t mean it’s just going to come to you. If you don’t do anything then don’t expect to get anything.

On the other hand you may get the 3 of Swords, which many people see as a negative card. It could mean that what you’re doing now could lead to heartbreak in a relationship or what you want won’t come. However, at this time now you have the power to choose what to do to prevent it from happening or being aware to make the pain easier.

In reality the tarot is about the present, like life itself. What you do now makes the way for your future. Tarot cards can only give you an idea of where you’re headed.

7. You’re the Only One Allowed to Touch Your Tarot Cards

This myth came about due to not wanting multiple people’s energies on your cards.

Some readers are a stickler about this and don’t let anyone else touch their cards. They see the cards as personal to them and don’t want everyone’s energy on them. However, if you want others to touch your cards that’s perfectly fine.

When giving readings I prefer to have others touch the cards by shuffling them so that I can better interpret their reading using their energy. I always cleanse the cards before and after so that multiple energies don’t build up on them.

It is best however, if you don’t just let anyone touch your cards because you never know the energy they may have that will transfer to your cards.

Friends, family, and clients: yes. Strangers: no.

Now that these tarot myths have been debunked, are you ready to give it a try? What are some tarot myths that you’ve heard that aren’t on here?

I AM Leah LaNae. I AM an avid reader and writer who has been studying the occult and metaphysics for the past 9 years. Although I have learned much through my studies, I realize I have so much more to learn and want to be able to share my findings with others of like-mind. When not doing research and writing, I love to write stories, spend time with my family and friends, dance, skate, travel, and party!

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