There are some who no matter how long or short they are with us leave a great impression and influence for generations to come.

Aaliyah was one of those people.

Although she only graced this earth for 22 years, she left a mark on the world that no one else has yet to fill.

Talented, beautiful, and multifaceted, Aaliyah was and still is a goddess who teaches and inspires women today to go after their dreams and to take pride in their femininity.


Aaliyah as a young child

Aaliyah Dana Haughton was born on January 16, 1979 in Brooklyn, New York.

As a child, Aaliyah loved music and dancing.

Her mother, Diana, was a professional singer who toured doing musicals across the country and her aunt Gladys Knight, a famous singer known as “The Empress of Soul,” were both huge influences on Aaliyah’s future music career.

From a young age she knew that she wanted to be a performer and she set her sights on doing so.


Aaliyah As A Young Teen

Aaliyah always believed that whatever you put your mind to, you could do, thanks to her parents instilling this belief in her.

Even though she was a young girl, she knew that her dream was to sing and perform in front of millions and she set out to do so with the help of her loved ones.

When she was 10 years old, she made her debut on the popular talent show Star Search where she lost but learned a valuable lesson in which giving up was not an option.

Aaliyah continued to pursue her dream and at age 15, she got her big break and released her debut album “Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number” produced by the now infamous R. Kelly.

That album went on to sell 3 million copies in the United States and 6 million worldwide and ultimately capitulated Aaliyah into superstardom.

During this time, she was known to wear baggy clothes and little to minimum makeup. She was going through her tomboy stage and hadn’t fully realized the power of her feminine beauty yet.


Aaliyah: Young, Seductive, & Feminine

After Aaliyah released her first album she became involved in one of her only and most famous scandal with the marriage of her and R. Kelly when she was only 15 and he 27.

The marriage was quickly annulled and swept under the rug by her family and she was never to speak to him again.

Thankfully this was the time before social media because even though it was talked about on hip hop and music news outlets, the public wasn’t able to get too much access or say into the matter.

There was concern that she may be blackballed from the industry, but thanks to the talented duo of Timbaland and Missy Elliott, she was to become bigger and better than ever.

The two of them wrote and produced Aaliyah’s second album, “One In A Million” that was released when Aaliyah was 17 years old.

The album was a huge hit and not only did Aaliyah’s sound change, but her style did as well.

She still had tomboy aspects such as baggy pants and sneakers, but she began to wear sexier tops that exposed her midriff and more noticeable makeup.

For example, in the “One in a Million video,” the black top she wore at the beginning was edgy yet sexy with the cut outs.

Aaliyah in the One In A Million video

Two years later while in the “Are You That Somebody” video she wore a two-piece crop top and long skirt with a slit.

Aaliyah in the Are You That Somebody Video

She was in the beginning stages of embracing her femininity and becoming the goddess that we know her as of today.


Aaliyah seemed to become more confident and sure of herself as she matured.

During the later years in her life, she traded in the baggy clothes for more tight fitting clothes that showcased her curves and assests.

Her voice, which was always soft and feminine, made you want to listen to whatever she had to say.

Even more important, she had an aura that portrayed a powerful, sensual, and mysterious woman.

Aaliyah was following her dreams and doing everything she sought out to do. She was tapping into the goddess within and using her divine feminine power to achieve all that it was she desired.

Because of her goddess like persona, she was chosen to play the role of Akasha in “Queen of the Damned.”

Aaliyah as Akasha in “Queen of The Damned”

The character Akasha was a dark and corrupted character. A reason Aaliyah admitted to wanting to play her is the fact that she understood that she had a dark side as well and wanted to bring that out in the character.

As any true goddess knows, we all have a light and dark side to us. It’s up to us to choose how to use it. Aaliyah chose to channel her dark side in a positive way through her art.


Aaliyah: Goddess Awakens

On August 25th, 2001, Aaliyah’s life was cut short when a plane that she was flying in crashed shortly after takeoff in the Bahamas killing her, the pilot, and her 7 fellow team members.

It was a huge lost to the music and movie industry, for Aaliyah was only twenty-two years-old and was predicted to be become a world-wide phenomenon.

She had three platinum albums out, a hit movie to her name (“Romeo Must Die”), and was already set to be in the sequel to “The Matrix” and had “Queen of the Damned” soon to be released.

However, it was Aaliyah’s time to go, and she may have possibly knew this.

Shortly before her death, Aaliyah described a recurring dream in which she was scared and running from someone when all of a sudden she would lift off and fly away. She would then say she was at peace.

It seemed that though she didn’t know exactly what the dream meant at the time, it was her subconscious letting her know that soon she would be away from the dramas and fear of this world and be in a much, better, peaceful, place.

Dreams are a great way for your intuition to speak to you, and I believe this dream was telling her that all was to be well in time.

Though it’s sad she is gone, I believe she should be celebrated and honored.

You can learn a lot from her about believing in yourself, trusting yourself, and tapping into your femininity to get what you want out of life.

Aaliyah was a powerful woman who accomplished a lot, and she was also someone that men found attractive and wanted to be with and other women wanted to be.

Aaliyah’s name is Arabic meaning “the highest most exalted one” and she took pride in that. She made sure to live up to her name.

She was beautiful, graceful, and held herself to high standards.

Was she perfect? No. But it doesn’t take away the fact that she’s still a goddess who was living a human experience.

Remember, goddesses throughout mythology all had flaws and to be a goddess, duality is key.

Aaliyah was both street and sweet, dark and light, human and goddess.

Overall she is more than a woman who will continue to inspire generations to come.

Happy 42nd birthday Aaliyah!

Has Aaliyah inspired you in any way? Let me know in the comments?

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