I Am A Witch Everyday


The word “witch” brings up a number of meanings and images to people.

There are those who see a witch as a woman who wears a tall black pointed hat, rides a broomstick, and is always with a black cat by her side.

Some see a witch as a beautiful seductress whose job is to lead men astray.

Others, however, may think of an old ugly woman with warts on her face.

In reality, a witch is one who decides to take control of her life and uses the power she has within plus the natural elements of the universe to create change in her life and environment.

What’s in A Name?

The word “witch” derives from Old English and basically means “a female magician or sorceress, or one who practices magic.”

There have also been many other names throughout history to describe these powerful women.

“Sorceress”, “wise-woman”, “healer”, “hag”, “seeress”, “evil-doer”, “enchantress”, and “night monster” are just a few of the names used to describe witches since the beginning of time. “Goddess,” which is my personal favorite, has also been used to describe a witch, especially when describing the goddess in her crone form.

Melanated Witch

So What Exactly is A Witch?

As stated earlier, a witch is someone who uses the power that she has within her and the natural elements around her to make a change, whether internally or externally.

A witch is also a person who holds reverence for nature and respects all living beings and things.

When most people think of witches, they think of a woman who uses sorcery and magic to get what she wants.

Though there are a number of them that do practice magic, there are many different types of witches and not all of them are into spell-work or magic. In a later post I will discuss the different type of witches and their specialties.

Who Can Become A Witch?

Anyone can!

Throughout this post I have referred to witches as “she”, as they are synonymous with one another, but men can be so as well.

As long as you take The Craft seriously and have a respect for nature and all things within it, you can become one.

It will take some time and effort learning all that comes with being a witch, but it’s totally worth it!

Why Would Anyone Want to Be A Witch?

There are misconceptions that a witch is an evil person who’s goal is to cause harm or misfortune to others, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

A true witch is a powerful being who decides to take power over her life.

She doesn’t sit around and wait for anyone else to determine her fate. She uses the knowledge she gains through studying The Craft to create the life she desires and helps others as well.

Of course, it is pretty fun to use magic for those that want to!

How to Become A Witch

The best ways to become one would either be through a coven, or if you’re more independent like myself, become a solitary witch and learn the ins and outs on your own.

Good reasons to join a coven include having support from other like-minded individuals, creating extravagant rituals and events, and if you have questions you have people who you can learn from as well as share ideas with. Another great reason would be that it can help you stay focused and motivated because you have people who will hold you accountable.

The cons of being in a coven includes not getting along with the other individuals. The coven may have a strict routine or way of doing things that you may not always agree with, and when dealing with people, sometimes you have to deal with their bullshit and drama.

The benefits of being a solitary witch are being able to go at your own pace and doing what you want to do how you want to do it. There are so many online sources to learn from such as websites or the YouTube and FaceBook witch community. There also tons of books you can read and learn information from.

The downfalls would be that sometimes it can get lonely and hard to stay motivated because you don’t have a group making sure you stay on track. It also can be hard to learn and understand concepts or certain aspects because you don’t have anyone to ask for help or advice.

Whichever way you choose just make sure it’s what’s best for you and know that you can always switch it up.

To the witches reading this: What do you feel being a witch means to you and how did you become one?

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I AM Leah LaNae. I AM an avid reader and writer who has been studying the occult and metaphysics for the past 9 years. Although I have learned much through my studies, I realize I have so much more to learn and want to be able to share my findings with others of like-mind. When not doing research and writing, I love to write stories, spend time with my family and friends, dance, skate, travel, and party!


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