Just be yourself.

How many times have you’ve heard that statement? Did you actually do it?

Being true to oneself is the most simplest and natural thing a human can do, yet it’s difficult for many of us. I mean, you’re the only person in the world who’s you so of course it should be easy. However, many times we find ourselves holding back who we really are or pretending to be someone we’re not in order to fit in or please others.

I myself am guilty of not being authentic at times. My prime example is with this blog and my Instagram account associated with it.

Only few people who I’m close with know about it because I fear what others will say about me and the content that I write.

I feel that many of the people I’m acquainted with would look at me differently if they read the posts I write and would judge me, even if it’s what I’m passionate about.

I’m scared they would question my beliefs and try to change my thinking. Or worse: not want to talk to me anymore.

I realize that by being afraid to share a significant part of who I am through my passions and beliefs, the only person I’m really hurting is myself. When I hide or am afraid to reveal the real me to others, I’m subconsciously telling myself that I don’t truly love love who I am. I’m more worried about what other people think of me than how I view myself. is a place where I can share freely with others my interests and parts of who I am. I should never feel ashamed or embarrassed about what drives me and makes me unique.

Only recently have I begun to have the courage to share with others my writings and beliefs. Even though some don’t agree with them, the majority respect me for being authentic and we have amazing and stimulating conversations. At the end of the day, your true self always attracts the right people into your life.

How to be authentic

Even if you’re having trouble living authentically, there’s always things you can do to help make it a bit easier. You probably won’t change overnight, but little by little and day by day you’ll get to the point where you’re completely comfortable living in your truth. Just trust yourself and the process and follow these tips below.


When people ask who you are, what do you say?

Do you give them your name? Do you tell them your job title? Will you tell them you’re a wife or mom?

Although those are apart of you, it’s not who you truly are.

Ask yourself what drives you. What are you passionate about? Identify your strengths and weaknesses.

The point is you need to dig deep within to figure out your true nature and not the superficial version of you.

One way I continuously get to know myself is through journaling. I write down my thoughts and feelings, dreams and desires.

When I write I can self reflect and learn what my core values are and what is important to me in my life.

For you it may be through meditation or talking with others.

Whatever you do, make sure you are honest with yourself and be open to whatever you discover. You may be surprised to learn what you find about yourself.


As we get older, we lose the childlike innocence that was once so prevalent in our life.

We’re told we need to grow up and to lose the childish beliefs and dreams we had because they aren’t real.

Unfortunately, many adults have given into that belief when in reality, children are the most in tune and authentic people on the planet.

When you were a kid remember how magical you believed the world was? How everyday was an exciting adventure waiting to be explored? The joy and pure wonder you had for life?

What happened? Oh yeah. The “real world.”

Well I’m here to tell you that even though you have grown into the wonderful adult that you are, there is and will always be the child in you who’ll never die.

Do what you loved to do as a child.

If you loved art create a painting, sculpture, or drawing.

Did you play sports as kid? Join a local club team or play with some friends.

If you were into technology, create a new app or work on a computer.

As a kid I loved to dance, write, and model. When I began doing these activities again as an adult I realized how much of my inner child I had neglected.

I feel so much more freer and authentic every since I have begun doing these things again.

You will too as soon as you embrace the kid in you.

Also make sure to heal your inner child. As a kid you may have dealt with trauma that you haven’t recovered from. It’s important to nurture and heal so that you can live your life more wholly and authentically.


You can’t be yourself if you don’t have any confidence.

Gaining confidence is important if you ever want to make it far or be successful in life.

You have to believe in who you are and what you stand for or no one else will.

To develop a healthy level of self-esteem it’s important to take care of yourself mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

Visualize who you want to be at least once a day. The more you visualize, the easier it will be to bring that self into reality.

Stick to your goals, think positive, and be yourself.

The more confident you become, the easier it’ll be to be authentic because you’ll know you’re a worthy human being who’s voice and existence matters.


Too many times we care about what others think and ignore our own thoughts and feelings.

You’ll never be able to be authentic if you’re always worried about how someone else feels about you.

People will always have an opinion of you no matter what you do or say, so you might as well do what’s best for you.

Of course I’m not saying ignore those who have your best interests at heart. Constructive criticism can definitely help you when it’s coming from a place of love. You’ll most likely know when you have someone who is there to help you vs. someone just talking sh*t.

As long as you’re happy with your life and doing what you feel is right, it doesn’t matter what anyone else has to say.

The Importance of Being Authentic

There are so many benefits to being an authentic person. I mean seriously, it’s better than living a lie and being afraid to be who you are.

Now I’m not saying it will be easy because many times it won’t. I still struggle with it at times.

Some days are easier than others, but there’s no better feeling than knowing that you are being yourself.

So why is it important to be authentic:


Even if people don’t like you for being who you are, at least they’ll respect you.

More importantly, you’ll respect yourself.

And hey, wouldn’t you rather be not liked for being who you are than liked or even not liked for living a lie?

I surely do.


Do you think it’s really possible to have the right people in your life when you aren’t even sure who you are?

Yeah. I didn’t think so.

The more you embrace who you are you are, you’ll bring in the right people and opportunities into your life.

Have you ever heard the statement you attract who you are?

Well it’s true.

When you live authentically, people who resonate with you will naturally be attracted to you.

You’ll find people will want to be around you and you’ll gain friends who genuinely like you for you, which is exactly what you need.


You can’t expect to live a healthy abundant life when you’re living a lie.

You’ll always be in constant fear of others finding out the truth about you. Living life fearful is never a good thing.

It will cause you anxiety, stress, and tension.

On the other hand, when you’re authentic, you’ll live a more carefree and happy life.

You’ll be able to express your emotions freely and be more optimistic and have healthy mental state and sense of wealth.

Ya can’t go wrong with that.


The more authentic you are, the more respect you’ll have for yourself. You’ll realize the amazing person you are: your beauty, gifts, talents, and more.

You’ll love yourself more and would never dream of being anyone else but yourself.

So after learning how and why it’s important to be authentic, what will you choose to do? Let us know in the comments!

I AM Leah LaNae. I AM an avid reader and writer who has been studying the occult and metaphysics for the past 9 years. Although I have learned much through my studies, I realize I have so much more to learn and want to be able to share my findings with others of like-mind. When not doing research and writing, I love to write stories, spend time with my family and friends, dance, skate, travel, and party!

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