What do you think of when you hear the word magic?

Do you picture a woman dressed in black pouring potions into a cauldron?

Is it a person snapping their fingers and getting exactly what they want?

Or maybe you see a magician pulling a white rabbit out of a black hat.

In media and entertainment magic is often portrayed as fictional and fantasy. However, in everyday life magic is a practical means to transforming oneself and their environment.


Each and every one of us possesses the power to perform magic. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of this truth. Either they don’t believe in magic, feel that it’s for the “chosen” ones, or simply don’t know how it works.

Magic is bringing about cause and change using will, focus, and a burning desire. In other words, magic is using the power of your mind to create change, whether within yourself or in your environment.

The mind is the most powerful tool that humans own. Through the use of our mind we create the reality we live in. Our thoughts are transformed from the mental realm into the physical. This is considered magic.

Thoughts are energy that attract to us what we’re most focused on. The more you concentrate on a particular thought, the easier it is to bring it into your reality.

The key factors in performing magic are willpower and desire. When you are committed and are fixated on what you seek, you begin to attract and become in alignment with the divine power within you as well as the universe and are able to bring about what you want. The more you master the art of magic you you’ll be able to bring about your desires at will and what you seek will come almost right away.

The art of magic takes time and practice and to master it may take a lifetime or more. Magic is acting from a higher state of consciousness and takes patience and perseverance to master.


In my opinion, magic, manifesting, and the law of attraction are one in the same. They each emphasize using your mind to bring forward your desires as well as being in alignment with what you want and acting from a higher state of consciousness. I feel like they are called different names in order to appeal to different people and based on one’s belief system.


The true mystery of magic is that it’s in you: you just have to figure out how to access it and how it works for you. Once you do your life will change dramatically for the better.

You will be in control of your destiny and understand who you are and the world around you. Attaining your desires will become easier the more you practice and you will be in tune with the universe and the natural energies around you. Most importantly, it’s fun and helps you to grow into the Divine Being you are!

I AM Leah LaNae. I AM an avid reader and writer who has been studying the occult and metaphysics for the past 9 years. Although I have learned much through my studies, I realize I have so much more to learn and want to be able to share my findings with others of like-mind. When not doing research and writing, I love to write stories, spend time with my family and friends, dance, skate, travel, and party!

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