4 Ways to Develop your intuition

” Intuition is seeing with the soul”

Dean Koontz


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In the last post I discussed what intuition is and how it can be recognized. In this post I will share techniques that can help you to develop and enhance your intuition.

Why develop your intuition?

Your intuition, or gut as some people like to call it, never lies. It has a way of knowing what you may not consciously be aware of and bypasses any logical reasoning. It can keep you away from shady people or dangerous situations, and it can also help you to nab that dream job or meet the man or woman of your dreams. This of course depends on whether you listen to your intuition or not. The good thing is that anyone can learn to use their intuition in their everyday lives by doing activities and exercises to make it stronger.

By developing and honing your intuition, life will seem to flow more effortlessly. You will be more in tune with yourself and the universe, and others will want to know your secret. People will think you’re lucky (which can be true), however, you will know that it’s through practice and dedication, as well as a natural birthright within all people.

4 Ways to Develop Your Intuition Are:

  • Journaling
  • Being Present
  • Games
  • Being Creative


Through journaling, you can write down the emotions, impressions, and energies you’ve been experiencing throughout the day. There is no fear because you know you will be the only one reading your writing, so you can be open and honest. In doing this, you may either consciously or unconsciously write down thoughts or feelings you didn’t realize existed. Sometimes we are so busy throughout the day we don’t get a chance to process how we feel or what we’re thinking. Through journaling, these concepts can be explored.

Journaling is an activity that can put you in a meditative state. Have you ever been writing and when finished realized you have no idea what you wrote? It could be a message, warning, or anything for that matter. This is referred to as Automatic Writing. Automatic Writing is when one’s Higher Self takes over and writes down information that the writer most likely isn’t consciously aware of. Because of the relaxed and psychically open state the writer is in, it’s easier to access knowledge that wasn’t apparent before.

Journaling is also a good way to get to know yourself. What you write about most will let you in on where your focus is and what consumes your thoughts most. You will begin to see patterns in behavior or situations that you’re in that can help you go about changing them for the better.

Writing in your journal does not have to be done daily in order to see improvements with developing your intuition. However, the more you write and the time you put into it will determine how much of an improvement you see.

My journals throughout the years

Being Present

When you’re eating lunch are you actually taking the time to savor the food, or are you chomping down while scrolling through your emails and texts?

Did you actually listen to your friend when she was telling you how unfair it was that she lost a job promotion for a position she was qualified for to her boss’ friend who has no qualifications, or were you just saying mmm hmmm while scrolling through social media?

There are so many things to distract us at every second, whether its technology, other people, jobs, even our own mind. We have become so distracted and busy that we fail to enjoy the eternal NOW. We have forgotten what it means to be in the moment. We miss out on incredible opportunities when we don’t just BE. Whether good or bad, each moment allows us a chance to further our growth and live our soul’s purpose.

By being present, you are in tune with the natural energies around you and your intuition can pick up impressions that can lead you to opportunities, places, and solutions. At least a few times a week you should make time to not do anything but just BE. For me that is a walk in nature, but it can be anything that allows you to be tuned into the NOW.

One of my favorite places to be present


Playing games are a great way to develop your intuition. It’s fun and doesn’t seem like work. Kids love games and for good reason: many times they are learning without realizing it. It’s easy to learn when you’re having fun and challenging yourself.

A good game to start off with when developing your intuition is a game I call “Guess Who.” The goal is to guess who is calling or texting you before you check your phone. For about 5-10 calls or texts, guess who the person is and record how many times you were correct or incorrect. The more you practice the more accurate you should become. Even when you become good at it it’s wise to continue to practice and hone your skills.

A second game you can play involves having another person present, preferably someone who wants to help you with developing your intuition and possibly even theirs as well. What you will do is have the person hide an object and you try to find it. Quite a few people tap into their clairvoyant skills to “see” where the object is placed, however, you do what’s best for you. You can alternate between one another in who hides and who seeks the object. Record the results and with practice and patience it should get easier to tune into your your intuition to find the object.

Another great game you can try is called Medium. It’s a card game where each player (up to 8) works in pairs to try and read each other’s mind. Each player picks a card and their goal is to find the MEDIUM, the word that connects the card by attempting to say the word at the same time. It’s a great game to develop your psychic skills and a fun party game. You can find it here on Amazon:

There are a plethora of games and exercises that you can do to develop your intuition. Two good books I recommend are 10-Minute Crystal Ball by Skye Alexander and A Little Bit of Intuition written by Catharine Allan.

Excellent Books

Being Creative

Humans are creative beings. By creating, we are functioning from our Highest Self. In the process of creating, many times we are using our intuition to help guide us in what to do next or it gives us insight to problems or situations that have been plaguing us.

As a dancer, there have been quite a few times that I’m completely immersed in a dance when all of a sudden I get an idea for a new move or a solution to a problem that I’d been pondering for weeks.

I was so in tune with myself and in synchronicity with the world around me that it was easy to pick up the energies of the universe and listen to what it was telling me. I was also being authentically myself. Being creative helps you to live in your truth. When you can connect within and be who you truly are, your intuition guides you as you flow along with life.

Here I am dancing


Developing your intuition will help your life in a myriad of ways. You will become confident in yourself and the choices you make. Besides these four ways, there are many others that can help you master your intuition. Have you found any other ways that work best for you?


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