The Making of a Goddess

What is it about the word occult that sends people into a frenzy? Why do so many people in the world associate the word occult with evil and black magic? Is it because they are scared of the unknown, the hidden (which is the meaning of the word occult)? Or is it because they don’t understand or have any knowledge of what it is?

As a kid, I always had an affinity towards magic and magical concepts. My favorite books were the Harry Potter series; a story filled with magic and the unknown. I loved the TV show Sabrina The Teenage Witch, where a young girl at the age of sixteen discovers she is a witch and begins to train to use and develop her powers. Anything that had to do with magic powers or the supernatural, I was immediately drawn towards it. As a kid, I genuinely believed that I had powers and wanted to learn how to use them. However, as I got older and was told that magic powers, concepts, and ideas were all nonsense, I began to believe those people and began to focus on things that were more ‘realistic’.

During a turning point in my life, I began to look for something more. I wasn’t’ happy with my life and where I was going, and I knew there had to be something more to my life than what was currently occurring. I did not know who I was, so I began to dig deep inside myself. I wanted to know my True Self; my likes, dislikes, passions, and fears. I wanted to know what made me tick; what events and situations still affected me subconsciously. As I began to explore myself, answers began to come to me. There is a saying that what you are seeking is seeking you. There was one instance where I felt that I really needed to attend an event. Something in me just knew I had to go. Upon attending the event, I met a person who began telling me about astrology and reincarnation. I had heard of these concepts before but I didn’t know people actually studied this. As I began to study those subjects, I found more subjects that I became intrigued and passionate about, such as the tarot, crystal and gem work, divination, mysticism, numerology, and so much more. The best thing I have discovered about studying these subjects is that I have learned more about myself. It has helped me to understand myself more and to learn what I am passionate about. Also I now understand why I had an affinity to magic and magical concepts as a child. It would just take me years to understand why. As another saying goes, “everything comes at the right time.”

These subjects all fall under occult studies. I am extremely passionate about these subjects and they come to play in all aspects of my life and art. Learning and studying these subjects are a life-long goal for me. I am constantly reading books, attending seminars, watching videos, or anything that can help me to understand myself and the world around me. Since I have been studying occult ideas and concepts, I have began to change into the person that I am meant to be. I am learning to be a better person and understanding that I am connected to everything in the universe. We are One.

I AM Leah LaNae. I AM an avid reader and writer who has been studying the occult and metaphysics for the past 9 years. Although I have learned much through my studies, I realize I have so much more to learn and want to be able to share my findings with others of like-mind. When not doing research and writing, I love to write stories, spend time with my family and friends, dance, skate, travel, and party!

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